Flashlight Fit For Home Improvement

You have reached the top-notch of society and are you still going to hang on to those tools from yesteryear? Noooo…you need to move on mister, break away from the shackles of that old rusty torch that needs to be smacked on its head till the tiny bulb splutters into life. Get something flashy as this Railroad Flashlight that boasts of specs that would make Tim Allen proud of you!

Flashy here is a nice colorful torch that features a rubber-coated body, making it shockproof. Need both the hands to do the job plus the light; no probs it’s got a flexi handle that allows you to place it on the ground at a convenient angle. Need to hang the bloke…go ahead and do that as well! Even the reflector assembly can be rotated at any angle to focus the beam bang on target. The translucent plastic glows on the periphery of the reflector and doubles up as an added safety feature. This portable light uses DC power as a source.

See the light? I told you it’s a bright IDEA!

Designer: IDEA