Take ME With You This Weekend

Airlines really know how to ruin your vacations and I’m not just talking about flight delays. On my last trip Down Under they managed to screw up not one, but two of my luggage pieces. Thankfully they DID replace both of them, but to be fair for some part my suitcases were to be blamed as well. They were definitely not as sturdy as this Alliance Modular luggage that we see here.

This attractive trolley transforms into a valet when zipped open and has enough capacity to hold all your weekend stuff. Shoes-fetish people will love that extra box where you can load em Choos. It may not be the Setgo Rack, but its an interesting option.

Designers: Stephanie Bellanger, Pierre Parmentier & Sophie Martraire



  • Cromagnum says:

    “take me to your leader”

    This needs to be made smaller, as the trend (because of dis-incentive fees) is carry-on only.
    Perhaps a system to compact the stuff would be great, no more sitting on the suitcase in the stinky hotel room

    The design of the arm is not practicable, but what is here? It sticks out, would be uncomfortable, get damaged in the baggage handling, and be difficult to clean. The concept is nice though, to hold up your clothes without re-hanging.

    The wheels are too small and maybe there should be more space between the ground and suitcase. Less scuffing as the heavy thing is dragged to its next destination.

    And whads wid da red latex gloves?

  • chtito says:

    The wheels should probably be bigger, but it seems sober and practical, just what I need !

  • Harry says:

    The wheels may need a litle more clearance. They look like they are for tile floor only, but I think “Take-me-with-you-this-weekend” will be use in more than a flat surface road, just in case is it is too heave to carry. Very nice design.

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