IKEA’s new Symfonisk speaker is also a floor lamp you can customize with a shade of choice

It was in 2019 when furniture giant IKEA and sound system manufacturer Sonos got together to create home furnishing products integrated with good sound. The instant collaborative result was the Symfonisk line designed with the intention to help people conserve space on the nightstand or table. Now, with the new floor lamp speaker, the intent reaches down to maximize floor space in smaller apartments.

The latest outcome of IKEA x Sonos teamwork is the Symfonisk speaker which doubles as a floor lamp. Whether you choose to call it a speaker lamp or floor lamp speaker, the Symfonisk speaker is an incredible space-saving appliance. But this incredibleness comes at a premium: the floor lamp speaker (I choose this reference) is the most expensive speaker in the collection.

Designer: IKEA

Expected to officially hit markets in January 2023, the Symfonisk floor lamp speaker will retail starting at $260. The price includes a tripod stand, a lamp that functions as a speaker, and bamboo shade. The Sonos-branded IKEA speaker lamp can also be purchased with separately sold lampshades made in different materials and textures. These options would however beef up the lamp cost by $50 odd (depending on the choice of material).

If the price is secondary to you, the speaker lamp proposes to be a good buy. Compatible with other Sonos products, the floor lamp speaker can be paired seamlessly for a multi-room audio setup or to tap into a wonderful list of music services from Sonos.

A functionality downside is the unavailability of a built-in voice assistant for additional controls. However, the collaborative speaker lamp can conveniently sync with HomePod, Google Assistant, or Alexa devices for voice control. Additionally, it has a firm base that can double as a vase stand. However, the entire standing tripod up to the lampshade is empty. It could have easily had additional shelving integrated, but this is how it is for now.