Cityframes puts cities you love up on your wall or on your table

For those who love to travel, the past couple of years has been pretty tough. We could only rely on photos and videos from past trips to get us through. The good news is that things have begun to open up again and it’s now time for what some have been calling “revenge travel”. So as you travel and in case you want to keep a souvenir of your favorite city at home, you can now do so with this unique frame and decoration.

Designer: Alexander Mueller

The Cityframes lets you collect your favorite cityscapes and place them on your wall to become part of your living room or bedroom decor. If you want something a bit grander, you can also have it on a special table like those you see in museums and exhibits. The designs are based on “high-quality hand-processed 3D data” which means it’s not just an interpretation of the cityscape but an actual rendering of that specific city or place.

This German start-up offers three kinds of different decoration options. You can choose to have the CITYFRAME on your wall. If you want something more compact and portable, you can choose the CITYCUBE which they describe as “compact, tiny, and so adorable” and based on the photos, it really is. The CITYWALL is a bigger and grander version of your favorite city which you can have mounted on your wall or placed on a special table in your living room or office.

What makes Cityframes even better is that they use sustainable materials to re-create these cityscapes. Materials are made from 100% biodegradable plastic created from natural corn starch. Even for their production and office facilities, they use green electricity. They try to avoid plastic in their packaging and are also particular about using carbon-neutral shipping. We always give plus points to businesses that are conscious about their products’ effects on the environment and carbon footprints.

They also said that the materials are easy to clean and are even UV resistant. It has a matte, plaster-like surface finish with visible water cutouts. For the frame, you get a solid black painted wood texture. The wall mounting brackets are already included when you purchase the frames. Currently, they have 75 areas in 50 cities from 25 countries and within 5 continents. If there are places that you’d want them to create, they can recreate it, but probably with a bit of extra cost.

The minimalist 3D design may not be to my personal taste, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people would love to have these models up on their walls. You will have to spend a bit more of course to have these beauties especially if you’re outside of Europe.