MacGyver Tries a Reading Lamp

I’m sure you remember the ipod speakers made out of twine and bubblegum, right? Well here, also, lives on the spirit of the greatest Industrial Designer of an age: The MacGyver. Yes, the man that can conjure anything in a strangely simple way. Here, designer Donell Hutson continues the legend by attaching a square mirror to a 5 LED light array.

And that’s it!

Light shines up at mirror, mirror deflects light to your paper. Your paper is totally happy by this, and you can thank the Industrial Design Gods for this simple gift.

In Donell Hutson’s prototype, listed is: LED’s, Small Clamp Light, Metal Sheeting (Aluminum), Tin Foil, Mild Diffuser Material*, and Metal Wire. Has anyone in the peanut gallery made something like this with less?

*I thought this said MIND DIFFUSER at first.
I recommend this for the second iteration.

Designer: Donell Hutson