This smartphone powered vacuum sealer and food bag lets you keep food fresher for longer!

Here’s a statement I never saw myself saying in a million years – “Your smartphone can keep your food fresh and make you healthy”!

As weirdly clickbaity as that sounds (and I sincerely apologize for that), it’s precisely what the SealVax bags are capable of. Designed to replace those wasteful single-use plastic vacuum bags, and that expensive vacuum sealer that comes along with it, SealVax’s bags are reusable, infinitely washable, and come with their own pocket-friendly pump that is powered by your smartphone. The pump, which is no larger than a thumb-drive or a car-charger, locks into the air valves on the SealVax bags and comes with two ports at the opposite end – a Type-C port, and a Lightning connector. Designed to plug into any iPhone or Android smartphone, the vacuum pump runs on your smartphone’s battery, sucking the air out of the SealVax bag in mere seconds. Worried about liquids in your bag? The SealVax even has a liquid isolator, which transfers fluids into a separate chamber (instead of sucking them into the vacuum). Once you’re done, unplug everything and you’ve got yourself air-locked, vacuum-packed freshness!

While vacuum-sealing isn’t new, SealVax is redefining how it looks, works, and lasts. SealVax’s vacuum bags are designed to be reused multiple times, while the pump is perhaps the smallest vacuum pump to ever be developed for culinary use – leave alone the fact that the pump is entirely powered by a smartphone. The phone-powered pump means you can even use the bags outdoors, and the reusable GRS-certified plastic bags are food-grade, freezer-friendly, oven-safe up to 176 F°, and dishwasher-compatible. The one-way valve on the SealVax bags ensures you pull all the air out from within, preserving your food by preventing oxidation. You could use it to keep your fruits, herbs, and veggies fresh for longer (your half-cut avocado could last for days as opposed to minutes), or even preserve meats up to 5x longer by placing your SealVax bags in the freezer.

Sous-vide with your smartphone? Sure, the SealVax bags can handle that too! The specialized heat-resistant plastic bags mean you can easily dunk them into a sous-vide machine to cook anything from meats to veggies with restaurant-level consistency. The bags come with a gusset base, which means they stand on their own, allowing you to place them vertically in a sous-vide bath. Alternatively, placing the bags vertically in the fridge or freezer even helps them occupy less space.

While the portable vacuum remains one of the most interesting elements of the SealVax system, the bags are truly the star of the show. They’re made from a special plastic that’s designed to last years if maintained well. They can be washed under a tap or placed in a dishwasher and reused multiple times – either as vacuum-seal packs or just as regular air-tight bags, thanks to the clip-lock mechanism on top. The bags come in two sizes and have an anti-bacterial layer to naturally preserve your food better. Along with the phone-powered vacuum pump, the reusable bags help you keep your food fresher for longer, eliminating food and plastic waste while saving money. The bags are engineered to last for years, and are made entirely from pre-consumer recycled plastic (plastic from products that were never bought/used). In fact, they even naturally degrade in 3-5 years after being disposed of. Neat, huh! And since the vacuum pump runs entirely on energy from your smartphone, that’s also one less lithium-ion battery we need to worry about! Good for you, and for the environment!

Designer: Paul Davis

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SealVax – Vacuum Sealer Powered by Your Phone!

SealVax is a reusable food bag and a pocket-friendly vacuum sealer that is 100% powered by your smartphone.

100% Powered by Phones

Vacuum your bag air-tight in just 15 seconds. SealVax uses less than 1% of your battery life and works seamlessly with all smartphones.

Portable & Lightweight

SealVax is small enough to fit on your keychain, in your pocket, or right on your refrigerator.

Vacuum Sealed Freshness

SealVax’s vacuum sealing technology keeps your food fresh for up to five times longer than other brands.

See above how SealVax can keep an avocado fresh and prevent oxidation.

Great for all your cooking needs, including sous vide.

Cost-saving Reusable Bag

SealVax is reusable, dishwasher safe and anti-bacterial. It uses a material called Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Additives.

SealVax Vacuum Technology

The story behind developing the SealVax vacuum system can actually be traced back to their experience with “pump” technology. Several of their engineers, and members of the R&D team, used to work with the Reebok pump shoe line. Therefore, many of them were already familiar with air pumping technology and its applications. They realized that with a proper container, this could be an innovative food storage system.

The Liquid Isolator

The Liquid Isolator is a more efficient way to extract and store liquid. Instead of using the “paper towel trick” to dry out moist ingredients, just attach the Liquid Isolator to our Vacuum-Sealer. Watch as it quickly removes liquids and stores them for later use.

Click Here to Buy Now: 5 for $63 $105 (40% off). Hurry, only 16/100 left!