Better Than Your Desk

A desk made for utilitarian efficiency that isn’t ugly, go figure! The Novanta workstation is some beauty, even if I think it’s a bit chunky. The MDF, aluminum and perforated metal SCREAM “only Macs please” but a sexier PC like the HP Touchsmart could probably move in without ruffling the neighbors too much. Drawers aside, there’s a bevy of features you won’t find elsewhere – namely the integrated speaker grills and the illuminated tabletop perfect for lightbox work.

Other features include:

  • Speakers
  • USB and Audio Hub
  • Monitor Stand
  • iPod Dock
  • Power Strip
  • Cable Channelling
  • K/B & Mouse
  • Drawing Utensil Drawer
  • Electrical Equipment Drawer
  • Laptop/A3 Paper Drawer

Perhaps my favorite feature is the electrical equipment drawer in the rear – to hide all those messy wires and cables. I kinda want one.

Designer: Luke Riggall


  • Eric says:

    I actually like this compared to the several other organizing desks Yanko has featured. I just have a few gripes…
    The speaker location is not exactly appealing to me. I tend to sit up at a desk when I’m using it. My dog would be able to hear everything from the floor maybe, but I would prefer sound to originate close to the visual source (in this case, cause it’s not surround sound.) The drawers in the front I’m assuming have a lip underneath? There are no handles (which is fine!) just wasn’t sure how they open… And lastly, the built in power strip is on the side, why? Can’t it be in back, or better on the bottom in the back where the wires go anyway?

    • Pzon says:

      Well, you may not like some things – but really, this is a step forward for desks in the world. Like, does your desk have a speaker?

      Do they have handles, yes I agree, but then maybe they are voice activated?

      Having the power cable on the side makes it more stylish but it does seem practical to have it on the bottom.

      BUT OVERALL, isn’t having a desk that is neat, organized and stylish, good and useful?

  • Matt says:

    At least my computer is a not a piece of shiny crap.

    • Eric says:

      Must not be a windows comp then 😉

      • Matt says:

        You got a bit of a typo there, let me correct you.

        • Eric says:

          Lol, I figured 😉 Well all I can say is I haven’t seen a blue screen of death ever since I got my “shiny crap” computer from apple. Life is good….

  • Banana says:

    Its rather ugly.

  • Eric says:

    The logo on the back of the desktop computer is mirrored… Sorry had to say it. 😉

  • So beautiful !!! I love this desk

  • So beautiful !!! I love this desk

  • trimtab21 says:

    I agree with Eric – the power plugs should be on the back with the wire manager. If the legs need to be so big they should be hollow to run wires up – i don’t see any wire entry / exit points.

    The raised platform for the keyboard and monitor looks built into the desk top – if so this limits the distance to the monitor and size of keyboard.
    The set up is for a PC but I don’t see any provision for a CPU. The laptop stand is useless.

    The recess in the desk top for the ipod is going to collect dust but will make a great drain if anything spills on the top. Its in the spot where I would want my in-box. I think there should be a docking tray all along the back edge for any peripheral devices.

    If you are someone who likes an articulated keyboard mounted below the desk, the center drawer will be in the way.

    Overall nice styling but needs more tweaking in the functionality department

    • christian says:

      Nonono, the plugs are perfect there. The permanent devices will be plugged into a hidden plug section within the cable canal.

      The plugs on the side are for temporary devices. And then you don’t want to climbe behind the desk…

  • MATT says:

    anyone seen grandma’s boy?…this would fit in great in that guy’s stark white studio where he rides around on his white segway and eats sushi. i don’t know where else…
    also, if you are like me and work at your computer until you’re too tired to tell which way is up, i can see snagging an elbow or hip on those super sharp corners being an issue…

    • Eric says:

      I saw that movie, you’re totally right it would fit right in! Although it would have to be a knock off, like the fake segway he rides around on…. 😉

  • another matt says:

    plugs on the side = ……………wat

    i dont want to put this desk in a corner and smash all the cords on the side, no thanks…

  • Luke Riggall says:

    Thanks for your feedback on my design everyone.

    Just a few things;
    The power strip on the side is for laptops and other portable equipment.

  • Luke Riggall says:

    … oops, I shall continue…
    The drawers have hidden cut-outs under each of them so the handles arn’t in the way.

    As I said above the power strip is for portable devices such as laptops. There is space for plenty of power strips in the back platform for more permanent equipment.

    Thanks eric for that detailed eye spotting the apply logo, i didn’t notice it.

  • vishal says:

    is this available anywhere? would be nice to get a link.

  • Madhav says:

    Functionality is completely compromised. Making concepts, rendering them nicely should be appreciated. But with little amount of time spent in analyzing the design, before converting them into 3d models would have made the product to look better and functional. As one person pointed out – articulated keyboard? even a normal keyboard would be a problem. Saying just a concept will not work out, if designs turn out like this.

  • Luke Riggall says:

    I’m actually building one now for my design course at college.

  • LSB says:

    To work in real life, needs to incorporate a second monitor, printer, scanner, usb hub, external hard drives – or there will be more dreaded wires everywhere. Drawers or ‘rolltop’ covers for pull out shelves with perforated bottoms to keep thing (especially external hard drives) cool would be nice. Also a lovely shallow drawer with a surge strip or dock for my laptop would be lovely.

  • C says:

    Reminds me of the Milk desk from

  • gaspard says:

    Do you guys still working on the desk! I though that the notebook allow us to work everywhere except our desk 😀 . Laptop is too heavy and not environmental friendly. A lot of energy consumption.

  • FLX says:

    Oh God, how i hate all that apple fanboy shit.
    Imagine how trist life would be if we would all be sitting in our white rooms with our black pullovers, surrounded by white mobiliar like this and all communicating through our iphones.
    Somebody pass me the red pill, please.

    @ Luke: no offense, your design is very contemporary and well done but i m sick of this style.

    • Steve J. says:

      Please remain seated, the mothership is closing in on your location and will soon pick you up for minor adjustments. This procedure won’t hurt (much) and afterwards we promise you’ll feel better. Thank you for your cooperation.

    • Eric says:

      And how I love all that anti-apple hate.
      I would hope everyone’s room wouldn’t be white and “cookie cutter. Simply because they own a piece of equipment designed to allow them to be as unique and creative as possible.

  • VoReason says:

    All this stupid apple envy. If you want a real computer that is reliable, find a decent specs laptop and load up Ubuntu.

    Problem solved. No stupid shiny interface, no blue screen of death, just smooth sailing down the open source highway. But of course ,it is free meaning you wont get to shell out lots of money to make others think you are important. Why would anyone get something that isn’t a status symbol. Why get it for free when you can pay over 1k for it? Isn’t humanity great.

    • Eric says:

      I would rather have a reliable shiny interface that I paid for than figuring out how to make one work on my own. And I didn’t get a flipping computer as a status symbol. You assigned that generalizing label. I would hold off on that until I have my own computer designed, from hardware through software- and be able to say I did it myself. That’s a status that’s begging for a stupid symbol of “I’m important” because “I’m smarter than you for figuring this out on my own.” I’d rather pay to have it reliably now, and confess directly that I’m not as smart as apple.

      • VoReason says:

        Spoken like a true apple fanboy, a credit to your species.

        You are aware that your running a combo Unix kernel? Specifically BSD and Mach kernels. You are paying, good, hard earned money (unless your a spoiled brat) on software that was released for free.

        I had this whole mean topic written out but its just easier to say, thanks to people like you, I will always have a job. Those who don’t know pay. And that’s just the way it should be. ^_^

        • Eric says:

          Ya I’m ok with that. Absolutely anyone who has a computer to use for anything is a spoiled brat though. I don’t care what platform.

        • Eric says:

          Ps. Im glad you have the time to create your own software appearance. I don’t. I could build my own car too, but I dont have time for that either, so I buy it made already.

  • Luke says:

    I now have a small website which will hopefully grow better in time.

    Please visit

  • Don’t know which desk I love more, this one or this one:

    Think I’m leaning toward the workstation featured in this post because of it’s attention to functionality.

  • Doug Barned says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know the designer has a website… I found it at


  • Eva says:

    Very nice desk

  • aidan says:

    Apart from all the apple crapple (I am a dual computer user myself) i do think that many comments here are very valid, its a pity that designers with all the flair and “floweryness” cannot come up with the concrete “practicalness” that is required from a really useful desk like;

    Hidden wiring in the hollow legs
    Hidden power points what is with is the idea with having things plugged into the side exposing more cables i think a bank of 6 – 10 powerpoints far enough apart to plug in transformers etc underneath at the back.

    What about solid lockable drawers
    What about a small secret drawer for goodies like jewellery
    How about a small filing drawer set in from the side
    Built in desk lamp or at least cable holes

  • Matt Spark says:

    I am interested in buying this desk but no where on the page do you describe a price, please let me know as this is so practical and looks amazing.
    Thank you

  • Matt Spark says:

    I am interested in buying this desk but no where on the page do you describe a price, please let me know as this is so practical and looks amazing.
    Thank you

  • Very nice desk and comfortable…..its great

  • Very nice desk and comfortable…..its great

  • Fantastic desks……its great

  • Fantastic desks……its great

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