The Zohan of Astromech Droids

I’m sure you remember R2-D2’s brief stint as a server on Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge. I bet you’re aware of R2’s fancy-smacy real-world cousin Bar2-D2. But do you know about Ciclope, the hair stylist robot? Hello there, friendly one-eyed comb holder, what are you uh- AHH! ALIVE!

Oh, you pour me haircut coffee. Excellent.

The top of this happy robot holds the tools and “product” for the stylist to easily access, while the “product” is visible to the person getting their hair cut (so that they will want to further stimulate the economy.)

The bottom, (we’ll get to the middle in a sec,) acts as a robot vacuum cleaner when you press the yellow button! This is a totally new idea. There is no such thing as a robot vacuum! What are you talking about. Waste basket built in down there, too.

And then there’s the middle. The glorious middle. The whimsical designer of this robot has dubbed the functionality of this middle as “2nd Level : Entertainment, Customer Cuddling.”* It employs a Nespresso – Krups machine to dispense water or coffee for the waiting customer or the person getting their hair cut.


*For those of you at home keeping count: yes, I know this is not an astromech droid. Or maybe I’ve got some info about the way this thing can repair an A-Wing? You never know.

Designer: Maurizio Maiorana


  • Spoon says:

    Great renders. Great companion for a hair stylist.

    I feel Concept fails at the drink maker. Hair and food just dont mix. I think it would become a problem when someone is busy trying to keep hair from falling in their drink. Or the stylist having to clean the unit, keeping hair from around the dispenser. I personally have never had a drink while I am getting a hair cut.

    I think if you wanted something that interacted with the customer, maybe a creative magazine stand, display some shampoos, lotions, and other cosmetics sample packages with hot towels. Also could be a place where you can sell other cosmetic products and have the unit take credit cards.

    Hope that helps.


  • Eric says:

    Ya coffee maker?! Lost me there. I agree with spoon.

  • matt says:

    i am confussssssssseddd

  • John86 says:

    I want to visualize more later on. ,

  • Maurizio says:

    Thanks a lot guys! Although it is an concept developed in the last year of college in 2006-07 a few months after your advices I acted conscientiously and I replaced the coffee machine with an UV sterilizer in the same place. Your opinions are precious!

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