Ship Of The Desert Is Your Doc On Call

It’s the modern times and in urban areas we are just a phone call away from the nearest emergency medical service. However in the remote regions of the desert-scape Flying Doctors are not always available. How do you get the necessary First Aid? No worries, design student Fresch has it all figured out with his emergency dromedary concept that sees the trusty old camel of the chieftain coming to aid with a doc in tow!

This camel-trotting concept involves a “baja” and a “seji”. The baja is a lightweight contraption that can seat the respected doctor, and the seji is a framework structure that is essentially meant for the sick person but can also double up as an equipment carrier. Using a plug-in system, the necessary transformation from a box carrier to a stretcher happens in a jiffy.

A little bit of use of technology is essential however, you will need to call the doc on his phone to summon him; the camel-baja outfit along with the inbuilt GPS system then track you and hurry on to administer the First Aid.

Designer: Frederic Schwab