A Tesla e-bike would help rapidly electrify the two-wheeler industry

The ubiquity of electric vehicles can undeniably be attributed to Tesla. Had it not been for Elon Musk’s vision to make battery-powered four-wheelers the gold standard, we wouldn’t see the entire automotive industry scramble towards competing in this new field… however, there’s an exception that can be directly linked to Tesla’s non-involment. Two Wheelers.

Tesla has dabbled in most sections of the four-wheeler industry, from sedans, to pickup trucks, roadsters, semi-trailer trucks, and even quad-bikes. There’s an obvious lack of two-wheelers in Tesla’s product portfolio, and James Gawley took it upon himself to fill that void, at least with a concept. Meet the Tesla Model M… designed to make electric bikes more of the status quo, the Model M comes with a unique aesthetic that deliberately chooses to create a negative space in its design where the fuel-tank would be, almost poking fun at its fuel-guzzling ancestors. The bike’s curvy outer body harks to the curvilinear design-language of its sedans like the Model X and Model S, and a massive dashboard occupies a significant amount of space where you’d expect the fuel tank’s inlet – giving you a whole host of data from your speed and battery level to the bike’s performance and even a detailed map to help you navigate. Pretty cool, right? And it’s compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger network too!

Designer: James Gawley