Big Rack & That’s A Good Thing

Need a duffle bag that’s sleek, nondescript, and functional? The Setgo Rack may be the bag for you. The company recently (Nov. ’08) updated their inventory with 12 new products for the urban go-getter. They were kind enough to send me the Rack bag to try out. I was on vacation prior and now wish I had the bag beforehand because it turns out, is quite sharp and utilitarian. Hit the jump for my review.

Although the bag was design specifically for gym gear, who’s got time to do that when you spend almost every waking hour trying to find cool concepts to post here! So I did what any creative whiz kid does (indulge me here it’s not arrogance, it’s called a self-esteem boost), I repurposed the bag as a small weekender. If that fashion term escapes you – think big enough to hold just what you need and then some. I had a trip planned to New York in preparations for fashion week. The Rack became a repository for a pair of shoes, point-and-shoot camera, scarf (knitted myself thank you), gloves, water and snacks.

The NYC area was FREEZING earlier this year. Rain, ice, and even a little bit of snow were my company and the Rack bag which at first glimpse seems a bit “thin” and flimsy stood up very well to the rigors of urban travel.

I’m not quite sure how much volume it holds but you get the general idea by how much stuff I placed in it. There are a few small compartments I used for keys and a very cold iPhone (thanks to its metal construction). Perhaps the best part was breezing thru the airport as carry-on; gave me a chance to inspect how well it held up. The nylon material is atypical and exactly what you’d expect. The stitching is plenty strong but there is one caveat… the price.

Setgo prices it at $100 even which I think is just a tad expensive but in their defense, TUMI sells similar bags for $250 and up. I would go out on a limb and say both companies sell products of comparable quality.

What I liked:

  • Super durable
  • Nondescript design for men and women
  • Enough space for a pair of shoes and a day’s change of clothes
  • Surprisingly it’s a little waterproof. Melted snow never seeped in

What could be improved:

  • Price, about $20 too much
  • Or use a more exotic material to justify the price, I’m thinking waxed cotton

Designer: Setgo