Sexy Lighting With Metal And Moss

What do you get when you marry metal to Spanish moss?
That’s easy, you get the Oasis Lalune!
Just ignore my silly joke and look into the option of this exotic lighting that very simply relies on moss to add some character to a metal frame. A part of the Oasis collection for Plato, Lalune transforms easily from an outdoor lampshade to a floor lamp by adding on a stand.

Lets not delve into the pros and cons of live plants, wires and lights. Just take a moment to admire the tranquility of the pretty picture that it poses.

Designer: Gaspard



  • Luke says:

    I can’t help but think that this is a fire hazard. I mean, it looks great and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these lights here and there, but plants and electricity don’t sound good together.

  • Eric says:

    I agree with Luke, but if looked after (for growth) and maintained regularly, it is feasible I think…
    Not for me though, I like it now, but I doubt for long.

  • gaspard says:

    from designer : actually that why i design to use a portable lamp that you can use the light when you need it. simply hang on the frame during the party in the yard. Otherwise, it is a Spanish moss container.
    PS. you can also use a waterproof lamp (usually use for fix a car)

  • gaspard says:

    Designer said : I do understand this problematic, that is why I use a portable lamp when we do the party in the garden. Simply hang the lamp inside, then the Spanish moss’s container will become a lamp shade.
    By the way, you can also use a waterproof portable lamp (use for fix a car) instead. The bulb should not exceed to 100 watt. to not it warm (according to what i use in my garden right now)

  • zippyflounder says:

    LED’s or CFL’s and your heat problem is solved. Air moss (Spanish moss) just needs a spritz with a sprayer (daily) to be happy…not a bad notion. Oh just remember this kiddies (maybe a subject of a new column) that when you post here (or any site) you have now entered into the public domain and have forfeited any IP (patent) rights, unless you have filed already. Its a trade off, getting your name out versus intellectual property rights.

  • gaspard says:

    You would check it here Thanks for all the comments. 🙂

  • zeroemision says:

    dead plant??

  • Perry says:


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