Mixing Up the Mixer


Why must a mixer look like a garage power tool?! Designer Elisabeth Morris asked herself this question when designing the CILO Hand Mixer. Modeled after the OXO brand language and philosophy, the CILO concept foregoes the power tool aesthetic for a more minimal, elegant design. Its low-profile footprint and sophisticated aesthetic mean you can leave it out on the counter as a kind of sculptural piece without taking up much space.

It also eliminates 3 common problems with standard mixers: cleaning, comfort, and clarity. To make it easy to clean, a metalized plastic cover overhangs before the ventilation channel and is a cinch to wipe clean. For enhanced ergonomics, it features a handleless design – simply wrap your hand around CILO in whatever orientation feels most comfortable whether that be from below, from the side perpendicular to yourself, or on the top. Unlike other mixers with loads of confusing switches and buttons, the CILO makes it easy to operate by using a standard OXO light-up rotating switch. The single release button is positioned directly over the whisks to make its function intuitive.

Additional features of the CILO design include a swivel back that rotates the cord to get it out of your way, a non-slip silicone rubber grip that covers the length of the mixer, and a detachable rear cover that makes repairs and maintenance possible. The motor is housed at an angle for optimum balance and bowl overhang. When you are done, you can quickly wrap and clip the cord around the body of the mixer for consolidated storage.

Designer: Elisabeth Morris