A car built with care


If you talk with a couple raising a newborn, they’ll tell you that casual transport and journeys are a lot harder than they ever anticipated. There are a lot of nuances that only then become clear. With the future fast approaching, Anand Asinkar believes that the ownership model of vehicles will become obsolete in the future, meaning mobility will be used as a service.

In the hope of accommodating a 3-member family, Anand Asinkar has developed CARe – a retrofit vehicle that compromises the togetherness, care & separation at the same time. Complete with a removable baby stroller, CARe can be manipulated to facilitate from newborns to children aged 5. The vehicle itself has a somewhat elegant tone across the colors and materials chosen, revealing a premium service for the family that oozes quality and assurance.

Filled with sensors and some neat technology (similar to that of a Segway) the handsfree baby stroller provides a more comfortable transition from automotive vehicle to baby stroller in a seamless fashion. There is no doubt the CMF choices and tire design of the stroller are inextricably linked to the primary vehicle, and it neatly ties together but you can’t help but feel you’ll want to keep that baby stroller after the service. Reflecting the needs of the newborn and parents, CARe is a fun look into the future of autonomous service vehicles and one with a twist rarely looked into – potentially this may open the minds of other concept designers to come.

Designer: Anand Asinkar