Personalized Cascading Waterfall In Your Bathroom

It’s hard enough to cope with the tiny matchboxes that we call apartments, that luxurious bathing concepts make me go green with envy. Remodeling one to fit in a spa system or jacuzzi can be ridiculously expensive and space consuming, so the best option is to landscape a beauty in the bath! Chin Chia Lim’s Würfel or Falling Water recreates the magic of a cascading waterfall from the washbasin to the bathtub.

Appealing to the eye, the only devious thought that comes to my mind is, that no one should wash their dirty hands in the basin while filling this bathtub!

Designer: Chin Chia Lim


  • smroepe says:

    so the sink has to fill up before the bath can? seems very wasteful… And these renders are not good. period.

    • Anonymous says:

      how is it wasteful? its the same as filling it from its own faucets. but this is cooler.

  • Mark says:

    That’s really cool.

  • avin says:

    Nice designs, but i see 2 flaws, what if i want to enjoy the waterfall, which i think was why this was conceptualized in the first place, and then…. the bath tub gets filled… i have to get out of the tub, to turn the water off ??

    Isn’t putting soooooo much shapr angles in a bathroom where one can slip and fall on slippery tiles… pushing luck a little too far ?

  • trimtab21 says:

    I think its an interesting idea but not sure how sanitary this is – i would have to clean the sink before running my bath not knowing who spit what in the sink prior. Also I agree with Avin – too sharp corners for a bath – safety and cleaning issues.

    • Mark says:

      It only wastes a sink full of water really. As far as having to turn the taps off while in the bath, I guess it depends on whether you fill the bath before getting in or not. Would be a pain if you want to add more hot later on, especially with a sink of warm water in the sink. It is really nice though, I guess the look of it would overide those concerns of buyers, and they are minor concerns to some.

  • spence says:

    would take forever to fill the tub. the water pressure and spigot in a typical sink is so much smaller than that of a typical tub.

  • Eric says:

    Many obvious issues with this as people have noted. I would not want to wait for the sink to fill up before the tub would start filling. The sharp corners- fine not for kids, but some people prefer boxy looks regardless of safety. My issue would be keeping the glass front to the tub clean!!! Hello, asking for cleaning problems/stain lines… Ps why do people take baths? I think it’s because they are dirty and want to get clean, so who cares if you washed their hands before getting in the tub to clean the rest of your body? Am I the only one who knows who uses my bathroom, or does everybody make theirs public?

    • zippyflounder says:

      baths? ahh for the long soak with a glass of scotch and a book…Winston Churchill had it right.

      • Eric says:

        Oh hell ya, I love a good soak. I thought it odd people were “grossed” out at the idea of washing part of yourself in the sink before washing the rest of yourself in the tub…

  • this guy says:

    You could make the sink shallow, which would only require a little bit of filling time before the overfill waterfall into the tub. However, if you can get that type of spill-over using a standard sink spigot, I would really be interested – might even get a pat on the back. But, It’s not happening. However much water goes into the sink displaces the exact same amount of water coming over that waterfall = very little water fall, more like a trickle. You all have inspired me to heat up the bath and grab a book (sans the reading lamp) Thanks!

    • zippyflounder says:

      shallow sink and a recirculation pump from the tub to the sink to keep the water fall a flowing….

      • Eric says:

        Which brings up: Where is the drain in the tub? I know it’s a pretty basic render, but that is a pretty basic function!

  • eeedel says:

    I think the render is perfect for what its trying to depict. Plus im a huge fan of those square facets. Really slick. But how would you implement a shower into this design?

    maybe one of those encased in glass/acrylic deals? maybe?

  • saintjam says:

    Tooo much sharp for why?White cheese design style.And I dont understand,water speed if come much,water will thinking(no i must go left side??)Idea is idea but not true.
    And glasses so dangeriously for wet area function.Good for why?Red and blue squares how can we see,turned one time one side ,body after will understand yeah this colour is this,mean is another side another colour.Need spend too much time,for washing hands.where is place for soap,water coming with soap?if hands with oil how can i spend time too much and if i touch to glass who will clean after me.
    design must for human.really sorry but too many people thinking like this style and i don’t understand for why?.My or yours body no have corner like this.really sorry.render is good

  • tonlap says:

    The water gets colder wehren it falls down, so not very energysaving. But i like the corners.

  • victor_lekweuwa says:

    Looks dangerous.

  • victor_lekweuwa says:

    Looks dangerous.

  • alizah says:

    does anyone know where i can buy one? i have googled the designer and cant find anything of use to actually buy one!

  • JFK31 says:

    Where can I buy this!!!!

  • Hey, what size is this? and can i get the wash in double?

  • Viki H says:

    I would be interesting where to buy these objects..

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