My Alarm Clock is Not a Movie or Maybe

Described by its designers as an attempt to change our perception of time with a good dose of minimalism, the Minutuner is as simple as an alarm clock can get. Obviously influenced by a perception of time as a linear flow, it brings to mind the progress bars below our everpresent online video players, contextualizing our lives as finite things to be lived well and with no regrets. While not immediately available, it’s looking for partners in production, so keep your fingers crossed.

Designer: Antrepo Design Industry


  • rayelle says:

    This is pretty cool!

  • June says:

    This is very simple but has very new looks! How can I contact the designer for production and its sales?

  • Greg says:

    I like the way it communicates time status and passage in combination.

  • mark says:

    hey, add a dot (pixel, whatever) across the horizontal face to indicate seconds, and you’ll really have something here … that and keep the price under $50, of course.

  • confucius says:

    Nice design 🙂

  • Andy C says:

    Lovely design! If it were available I’d definately buy one. My preference would be for a white or silver case with blue numbering! Perhaps the sort of design that Habitat would be interested in picking up? It would certainly be worth the designer’s while contacting them.

  • vakuyi says:

    Would like to see this design in analogue instead of digital display~~

  • Evodico says:

    Pity it’s only a concept. If they ever make it, I’d get one. It would have to include an alarm though. Also, under $50 else it’s too much for just a clock these days. I’ll pay a premium for unique/modern/minimalistic design, but only so much.

  • Robert112 says:

    That honestly is one of the sweetest digital clocks I have ever seen.. Uber WANT. What would make it even cooler is if the marker quickly slides back to the beginning at the top of the hour rather than just restarting.

  • Antrepo says:

    Minu Tuner digital version, analog version name is “Time Tuner”. We have many mail for orders but we are still searching a partner company for cost of productions.

    • greenP says:


      Did you try to contact someone from ?
      They are specialized in production of design items. But with a reasonable price.

      Maybe you should try…

      I think that many people around the world will be happy to be able to order this wonderful clock !

  • James says:

    I love it. I’d get one if they’re made. A black or silver case with blue lights would be my preference, but the red one looks good too.

  • 69copo says:

    This is a beautiful and simplistic design. I would love to have this in my home or office. I would like to see it high gloss black with either blue or green L.E.D.’s. Even if the price is $75.00 (high for a clock), the concept and uniqueness make it worth it. Just my 2 cents.

    • greenP says:

      I never seen a clock like this one.
      I will be ready to spend 300 euros (maybe more) for a clock as wonderful as this !
      It’s money, but what is rare is expensive…

  • Nicole says:

    OMG! where can i get this ??

  • Alex FC says:

    where can I buy it? can I find it in Hong Kong?

  • David Forbes says:

    It’s too bad that this clock can’t be produced at a reasonable cost, since it is a nice looking design. The LED dot matrix display itself would cost over 50 dollars and would get rather warm in operation. The retail price would have to be several hundred dollars.

    The display could be made with a backlit LCD, but it would need an 8mm border around the display edges for the LCD glass and chips to exist.

    I recommend that this design team hire an engineer to tell them what’s producible instead of publicizing designs that are obviously (to an engineer) impossible to make using readily available technology.

    Apple has achieved its high reputation by not posting pictures of products until the engineers have designed the hardware and shown it to work.

  • Mandeep says:

    loving this design

  • JR says:

    I would definitely buy it.

  • nym says:

    still no partner found?

  • nym says:

    still no partner found?

  • Christian says:

    Possible to buy one of the prototypes?

  • Christian says:

    Possible to buy one of the prototypes?

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