Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent Would Approve

Indecisive? How about a GPS coin called the Inbi-Out to make all your decisions. File this under “not gonna happen anytime soon,” but it’s nice to fantasize. The Inbi-Out coin tosses a 50/50 chance of where you should eat, drink, hang out, etc.., and displays the final decision on a tiny embedded screen complete with GPS coordinates and directions. It’ll also record every destination you go to into some magical databank for future reference (or dystopian spying). Too soon?

Designer: Ju-Wei Chen


  • The Majority says:

    That may be one of the worst ideas I have ever seen. It…
    -addresses a non-existent issue
    -lacks a sense of realism
    Obviously Yanko is full of designers and not engineers, or any people with a basic grasp of technology.

  • Cesar Augustus says:

    Wonderful design, one of the best I have seen lately. Congratulations.

    • ere time says:

      sarcasm? this is really bad… its called flip the coin and let your huge iphone screen give u the actual directions… don’t encourage them Cesar!

  • Ekove says:

    interesting. But it’s too pointless and too much of a random novelty item that I doubt it’ll ever be worth 1/10 of it’s cost.

  • Arggh says:

    I wonder how long it will be until OLED/GPS/Battery technology will make this happen for real.

    • M.S.W. says:

      PROS: This could be built today with current technology. OLED/eInk for the screen. Special scratch resistant glass can be used over the screen/lens. Camera can use SMT Pinhole camera on both sides of coin behind screen (similar to Apple Inc. patent) GPS/Bluetooh/Celllink all in one chips are available. As far as power supply can be supplied by either super capacitor motion harvesting. Thus with each flip or while walking all formally wasted motion energy is used to power up the “coin”.
      CONS: Current prices for tech to produce would make this one of those toys for the uppermiddleclass. Although given enough mass production price could come down.
      One can ponder the negative uses for this device. For example: Leave in camera mode on the ground in the locker room/rest-room.

  • Carl says:

    this is a sick joke right?

  • Saltynay says:

    Why not put the gps in the hp tx1000 your lugging around for a display that is actually visible? Or the iphone and use 3g/gps/wifi triangulisation to get a more accurate location.

  • Name*jmdaj says:

    no shit sherlock. yanko is a design site

  • Jimmy C says:

    You're all haters.

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