This chaise lounge is the mother of multiutility furniture with not one but sever varied utilities

If multiutility furniture is just what you need to add a hint of style and comfort to your living room, VersaRest – Chaise Lounge is the mother of them all. In all its versatility (detailed further down in the article) this comfortable sofa is designed with storage in all its ends and points.

Crafted out with a wooden oak base, the VersaRest is nicely layered with high resilience foam for comfort, and upholstered in luxurious forest green full-grain leather for unmatched elegance. The sides of the conveniently configured lounger are enhanced with black HDPE plastic appearing in a matte finish.

Designer: Gokul Retheesh

Now that the construction is out of the way, let’s drive focus to utility and design. From where I come, furniture suffices only one function or at the most two; the VersaRest has just pushed the idea with six functionalities and reclining is not even in the count.

Breathing the elements of multiutility, minimalism, and ergonomics in the same breath, the VersaRest on the head side has a soft-closing drawer for storage in the bottom, while there is an open, curved shelf carved for storing bottles and glasses. The integrated LED light strips on the inside glow up the essence of this dramatic storage area.

On the other end of this lounger is a height-adjustable table mounted on a rotating telescopic lift platform. This tabletop rests flat on the sofa before rotating open into position, in the process reveals a hidden wooden cavity, wherein you can place to phone for charging. On the lower section, things are reversed from the head side: You have a drawer on the top section, while a curved open shelf on the bottom has space to keep items of décor.

A nod to convenience in luxury, VersaRest’s innovative design brings style and functionality to your living space. With its multifunctional capabilities and thoughtful storage solutions, this chaise lounge stands as the epitome of versatile furniture that can elevate both your decor and relaxation experience in a multitude of ways.