Look Ma, No Hands!

The Cherry produces no pollution, has all electric drive, plug-in battery, adjustable driving positions, collapses for storage and could be the next generation in personal transportation… maybe. The gel padded seat hides the plug-in battery and cushions your bum. Steering is controlled by leaning – motorcycle style. Those arm rests control braking and the entire drive engine sits inside the massive front wheel. The reduced number of parts saves money and makes it easy to customize. I’ll take a Hello Kitty one please.

Designer: Alican Yılmaz


  • zippyflounder says:

    not bad, rear wheels are about 1/2 the size they should be and you need to adress suspension. The leaning steering idea is not bad, but you have not even thought of the real dynamics. If you would try to “steer” the thing as drawn most riders (non body builders) would just fall right over. Leaners almost allways have a interconnection that lessens the effect of weight on the low side. The foot rests are not workable, and the spokeless rims on the back may look sexy but fundmently are worthless as they require very good seals to prevent grit from destroying the bearings. The unit in “stored” postion puts the largest mass (the batteries) above the large wheel making it very difficult to balance even with a wheel lock. The joint where the motor/wheel hooks to the battery pack is a very high stress area, and would have to be secured by some very large pins. Oh one final thing, this from personal experiance, a fully shrouded wheel works like a drum skin, making any noise from the motor, bearings, or the road much much louder.

  • Opersai says:

    Um… interesting. But I can’t see where does the feet go? And, um, maybe I’m a bit too picky, but maybe consider different road condition, say rain, snow etc. Will this drive nicely on? (This doesn’t look too high, will I get splashes on myself when driving through a pond of water?) And cover up somewhere? One nice things I like about car on a rainny day is that I don’t get soaking wet traveling in it.

  • Eric says:

    I agree the cover will be quite noisy, and it makes it look clunky to me anyways. Might need a fender of some sort though (even though I would like it without) just because of safety issues… Maybe just a half fender to block the wheel close to the user. The back wheels are way too small as Zippy noted (for the simple fact of different terrains it would be necessary for larger wheels.) However suspension would also benefit from larger wheels. As cool as the collapsible aspect of it is, it’s still very long when folded… I really like this idea though, great potential!

  • Mert Can says:

    So then… where do we “put” our legs to “lean”. Alican, good rendering with an idea like this wont bring much eh?

    Tiny pointy arm rests that’ll bring a lot of holes on a human body while trying to get on, “Yeah they are going up and you’ll getting in” of course thats the perfect scenario, and humans fail mostly in real scenarios and thats why we have large rubber bands or balls on arm rests or etc.

    And if so said at the “dark side” this much plastic or anyother material is “too much”.

    Plus sitting on batteries, that warm your seat. Batteries heat up when they are charging or discharging.

    etc etc.

    But i’m still curious about how may i lean and stay on that thing while there are no visible feetrests or anywhere to put my feet.

    We all have the same idea so the idea is; normal.
    Good try with the style.

  • ilk says:

    Concept is great but the execution is not as comments state. Nice starting point to work on

  • ilk says:

    Concept is great but the execution is not as comments state. Nice starting point to work on

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