My Home’s Umbrella is Better Than Yours

Designer and Architect Andreas Angelidakis released a couple renders on his New Menir house, which I call an island rock. Nevermind the interior or geologic design, check out the rooftop! This “floral umbrella” opens up to capture the suns free energy but when it becomes windy or when night falls, turns into a wind turbine. How adorable!

Designer: Andreas Angelidakis


  • Ekove says:

    Nice “concept”. Looks ugly though, what’s with all the purple.

  • Eric says:

    I think the purple is actually solar cells (probably, or it should be.) The design is interesting, and I can picture this in many locations from beaches to mountains. If the designer wants to be elaborate like this then Im sure if people want it bad enough the whole thing could be custom made, ‘rock’ shape and all…

  • Michael Ku says:

    Nice! Im a highschool student and my class looks into design and architecture. I like the idea but it would be kind of dangerous if the umbrella mal-functions when turning into a turbine or when a natural disaster via earth quake or tornado, comes along and the whole thing falls upon your house. Also the blades would have to be shaped instead of flat,thin and light enough to spin agianst the wind and to the stacked behind each other. Overall, it is a great concept and well done design!

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