Time, the Immovable Object

Do you carry a watch anymore? That’d be stylish. Do you wear one on your wrist? That’d be so 90’s. Designer Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time. Don’t misunderstand it! It’s a look at global togetherness. If the global economy isn’t evidence enough, the Aki Clock identifies how much we’re tied together, all over time.

Designer: Stas Aki

Watch from Stas Aki on Vimeo.


  • Fernanda Villanueva says:

    It´s awesome. Great idea, a new concept of watches…like trying to stop time.

  • Eric says:

    It’s interesting to say the least 😉

  • Chozo says:

    I would rather have the hands turn to tell the time, and then the hour and minute appear at the ends of each, as in this concept, but with the hands turning. I know I’m missing the point, but shoot me.

  • Ekove says:

    It’s interesting but I honestly don’t like the bullcrap description shoved with it. I know clients/professors do though.

  • zippyflounder says:

    come on lets do something really fun in a wrist watches. Lets hide a a rotating laser diode in the outer ring that illuminates a low profile gnomon (the triangular piece of a sundial)now we have a crisp sadow on a lit background giving you the time…now that would be innovative…unlike (cough) some others shown here.

  • winnie says:

    interesting! brilliant idea! a new way using two hands of the clock besides “walking”—staying!

  • emily says:

    realy nice!
    Brilliant enough to show others that u’re so weird to wear s stopped watch all the time!~~

  • Danny says:

    It’s awesome! I’m shocked!

  • Ersin says:

    Wooww!! Awesome…i like that

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