Butt Balancing Powers

My left and right butt cheeks were created equal but somehow I feel like the right one is just a tad stronger, just like my right arm is much stronger than my left. I digress, this Balance Chair is more than meets the eye. The seat actually sits on a pivot that’ll easily send you topsiturvy if you don’t sit in a perfect upright and balanced position. Designer Yoon-Hee Kim created it to help people improve their posture because you know, 90% of us don’t sit properly.

Designer: Yoon-Hee Kim


  • ian says:

    see you in court.

  • MadCow says:

    wii butt!

  • Brian says:

    More explanation needed – I don’t understand how having a pivot on the seat is going to make the 90% of us sit “properly”. How does one sit properly? What muscles are at work and is improper posture caused by sitting on a static seat or other factors from environment to differing lengths of limbs to curves in one’s spine.

    • Yoon-hee Kim says:

      Hi, I’m a designer made this chair.
      It is designed for seat to be fixed to a frame in the center of chair and to move on its axis. When user sits on this chair, the user shall straighten him or her to take good posture in order to take a seat on this chair stably and without trembling. Then the user will come to realize the importance of good posture again.

  • KwangErn says:


  • Hadley says:

    Very interesting concept…a little more attractive than those exercise balls that I see people sitting on in the office 🙂

  • chronothing says:

    Sounds like a kinky sex toy tbh

  • Carl says:

    what if you sit on it and injure your spine?

    • Yoon-hee Kim says:

      well… it’s not shaken violently as you think.^^; When sitting on it we can feel the strain just a little bit and think about our posture in daily life.
      I am proposing “a chair for good posture” to realize the importance of what we have forgotten.

      • Eric says:

        My concern though is the fact I know I will be spending so much time trying to make sure my posture is perfect, that my back will actually be crooked more than it is straight (at any given length of time) therefore doing more harm than good. So even though the intention is to make us contiously think about our posture constantly, the whole time I’m trying to fix it-my back is not alined. I do belive current ergonomic chairs claim they are “a chair for good posture,” already and can provide that 100% of the time when seated.

      • Eric says:

        My concern though is that I will be trying to keep myself in perfect posture so often, that my back will actually be out of alignment more than it would be in-alignment. (due to my constant re-adjusting.) I think current ergonomic chairs already promise “a chair for good posture,” and can provide that 100% of the time in the seated position. Which is therefore better for my back in the long run, sorry.

        • yoon hee - kim says:

          You know it was not designed ergonomically. As you said, current ergonomic chairs promise “a chair for good posture”, which is the point what I was interested in. Why people complain of a backache though using the back of a chair? Sometimes our body doesn’t fit on the ergonomic chair. While studying or concentrating on something, it is certain that human bodies will be slanting forward and postures will be loose naturally. (I’m not a nagative.) Balance Chair was designed meaningfully to induce desirable behaviors of users and to draw user’s attention to have good posture by new interpretation on chair.

          • KwangErn says:

            Yonn-Hee, all of your explanations make alot of sense to me. I totally agree about ergonomical chairs being useless unless it’s a good fit _and_ when the subject sits properly on it – which isn’t always the case.

            I think this chair is _very_ interesting and though it won’t be loved by many just as many good things, I hope you get all the success. 🙂

          • Eric says:

            Your heart is in the right place, but people’s backs wont be.

  • Eric says:

    I think the designer was giving people too much ability when designing this. You would sure have to hope you sit on it perfectly the WHOLE time, cause if you don’t it’s way worse for your spine to be all crooked. Having the pivot in the center is actually a way of raising your chances of sitting improperly more often, rather than it is a method to ‘make’ people sit perfectly the whole time.

  • Chung Dha says:

    What if you put a kid on it and it flips over and break his neck. And what would happend if someone who don’t know the chair want to change a light bulb?

    Also think would be playing with the flip motion instead of sitting totally still and make it worser then just sitting on a normal chair.

  • Lim says:

    Totally not child proof……

  • Craig Weston says:

    It should have been designed atop a ball joint to give movement in all directions. This would help the user to stregthen his/her posture.

    • Eric says:

      I like that idea, and it would be fun to try out, however I still see it as doing more damage than good for a back. I think that’s why ergonomic chairs are so rigid, and ‘set’ in their basic shape structure. If if was allowed to be changed it’s no longer ergonomic, and this chair would be all over the place… I guess what I’m saying is to sit on this or a ball bearing chair, one must already have perfect posture in order to maintain it. To promote someone without perfect posture to sit perfectly, I recommend an ergonomic chair.

  • ConcepTrends says:

    Nice! Your butt will feel very good!

  • carl says:

    yes eric hence my initial statement of ‘see you in court’ meaning there will be so many people sueing over this idea it will put the designer out of business

  • carl says:

    no i meant ‘the’ not ‘my’

  • Dean :-) says:

    no thanks, I’ll stand..

  • Claire says:

    Is this for sale anywhere? I would love to buy one!

  • bill says:

    Classic prankers’ chair. Also good for people who like being sued.

  • bill says:

    Classic prankers’ chair. Also good for people who like being sued.

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