OMG Window With Built In Squeegee

Do I have to be anymore descriptive than the title? This is brilliant. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Or maybe someone has and I’ve been living in a home with windows that require manual cleaning. I need this and need this now.

Designer: Jung-In Jang


  • john smith says:

    thats gonna get dirty…in like a week…

  • Lim says:

    Hmm….. Well anyone think that in the end, manual wiping would be better?

    • lisbed says:

      that’s true. when you push the window its clean, but when you pull it, the dirt will come back..

  • ih!mlen says:

    Would look absolutely tatty (or replace “ta” in “tatty” for “shi” to get a better picture) after a couple of weeks if I had one of these mounted in my London flat. Had I set out to design this sort of window I’d probably look to hide the cleaning part behind a fancy panel and make it removable for (yeah, you got it!) manual cleaning..

  • Tiaccaelle says:

    Nice idea but……….
    How does the other part is gonna get wipped?
    It will not look nice after a month to have a black (gray in the better case) stripe in the place of the wiping material.

  • Haha, wow now that’s a cool idea. Surprised also nobody thought of it before.

  • karen says:

    what about the other window?

  • lisbed says:

    It’s not new. I have that kind of window in my house. There are a lot of negative effect. One of them is “the cleaner” easily got dirty. When we open the window, it become dirtier than before.
    I think this kind of idea is more appropriate in country that don’t have a lot of dust
    btw, sorry for my english..

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