Airplane Alarm Clock Redux

The same two-display clock you pick up before each flight (because you lose it between each flight.) The Industrial Facility’s designed this perfected object for IDEA International, Japan. IDEA plans on unveiling the production model at 100% Design London. It’s called “Jetlag,” and it’s sky high!

Two displays, one for time, one for the alarm. Lock button on the back so no buttons change any settings. Size of the clock is half of an international passport.

Simple beans.

Designer: Industrial Facility


  • Liza says:

    What exactly does this do asides from ringing at some time? How about time zones?

  • MadCow says:

    with a name like jetlag i thought i actually helped business travelers to cope with jetlag… a little misleading don’t you think… another designer alarm clock? have we not seen enough of those lately?

  • IDers says:

    Well actually if we took the close look at alarm clock interface these day you may noticed that it looks like we ‘re trap in the maze of information and function overload.
    This designer, Sam Hecht, try to break out that stereotype and create a new language, a simple one, for such a object that we’re all took for granted alll the time.
    A language that user will be able to gain control over his/her object and use it within no time alas no manual need!
    I think this is the nicely thought and well crafted design.

    • zippyflounder says:

      “new language” oh come now, its a cheap 2 display clock and nothing more. How many of you have clocks in your cellphones, on your wrists…everybody right. Ok now I know this is very hard, you must add or subtract a single digit number IN YOUR HEAD to get correct local time…i know its hard, but you will feel so empowerd using this new skill.

  • john says:

    how about an automatic time zone update like the phones displayed on clock one?
    a programmable background colour for each clock?

  • jin_woo_han says:


  • Brian says:

    The first question that should have been asked but wasn’t was “what are the time telling needs of a traveller?” It’s a clock and nothing more – it doesn’t even address the needs of a traveller any more than my 15 year old alarm clock at home. Muji (among many other companies) did something similar to this in terms of interface but this seems far to big for the amount of technology that goes inside. Maybe it should have a GPS to tell it what time zone it’s in automatically? How about a way of interacting with your luggage so it is easy to find?

  • Eric says:

    Don’t get it. Zippy took the words out of my mouth. We all have other forms of attaining the same information from other gadgets we already own. No need.

  • tawan235 says:

    yes i likr this clock

  • Robert says:

    haha my Guess watch has 3 time zones…..i dont need that….besides the alarm part…

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