These über-funky solid metal glasses were designed to increase your ‘specs-appeal’

With an edgy, one-of-a-kind aesthetic and a machined metal body that Tesla Cybertruck enthusiasts will absolutely love.

The birth of the EXOvault Kingsland Frames are, coincidentally, quite similar to the birth of the Cybertruck. Just the way the Cybertruck was created because Elon Musk was tired of how boringly similar all trucks looked (and performed), Jonathan Schipper retired to his metal workshop to create the EXOvault Kingsland spectacle frames after being thoroughly disappointed with all the different (yet similar) frames on the market… and just like that, the EXOvault Kingsland Frames were birthed, to challenge the notion that spectacles should look a certain way, adhere to a certain personality, and be made with a certain material.

Designer: Jonathan Schipper of EXOvault

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Cut from solid 6061 aluminum.

Every one of EXOvault Kingsland’s frames come machined from solid billets of aluminum. Styled to look quite like wayfarers, but made out of shimmering metal, the EXOvault Kingsland frames have an incredibly bold personality and are often the first thing you’ll notice about a person. The frames come either in plain metal or with an anodized/plated finish, and are all designed to have a machined finish that looks great from afar because of its reflectivity, and up-close too, because of the microtexture created by the CNC machining. That texture acts almost like a blue tick that indicates how unique the EXOvault Kingsland frames are in their design and manufacturing, given that almost every other frame is either stamped out of metal and formed, or made using injection molding.

Machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum.

Making frames out of metal has its benefits and complexities, although Schipper’s spent a lot of time working out the kinks. The Kingsland frames use multiple parts with precisely engineered tolerances and assemblies, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. You could accidentally sit on them and chances are your acetate frames would snap in two, but never the EXOvault Kingsland. Drop them, sit on them, bury them in the ground, the frames can tolerate any kind of abuse (although the glasses within might not).

Flexible temple and nose pads.

Given that metal is pretty famously inflexible, the EXOvault Kingsland frames come with bendable silicone temple-stems and comfortable silicon nose-pads (because you don’t want metal rubbing against the bridge of your nose (especially in the summers). I wonder whether wearing solid metal spectacles in the summers is a wise idea to begin with… although I imagine it feels about the same as wearing metal watches, earrings, necklaces, or piercings.

The EXOvault Kingsland frames come in 4 variants featuring a metallic silver (for those true-blue Cybertruck enthusiasts), an anodized black, and if you’re looking to really flaunt your spectacles, 24k gold plated frames, or rhodium-plated frames (the most expensive metal in the world, in case you were planning on asking Siri). The frames come with tinted grey lenses although they’re also designed to fit all kinds of prescription lenses too… and along with the lenses, the EXOvault Kingsland frames weigh a respectable 60 grams or 2.1 ounces, weighing marginally more than your acetate RayBan Wayfarers).

Silver anodized aluminum with grey lenses.

Black anodized aluminum with grey lenses.

24k gold-plated aluminum with grey lenses.

Rhodium-plated aluminum with grey lenses.

Ultimately, Schipper wanted to build frames that capture his personality, sense of style, and values. Referring to the EXOvault Kingsland as a “spaceship for your face”, Schipper believes that they’re quite unlike anything on the market… and he’s right. The glasses are wonderfully chunky, with the added bonus of being reflective, and exude an elevated level of hipster class that the monocle probably had when it was invented in the 1700s. Each EXOvault Kingsland frame comes in a classy black paper box with a metal screwdriver (so you can tighten/repair your frames), although you can upgrade to extremely steampunk mahogany cases too. The EXOvault Kingsland frames are up on Kickstarter for a discounted price ranging between $225 for the silver or black, and $360 for the gold or rhodium. Given the nature of CNC machining, and that each pair of spectacles will be painstakingly made from scratch using solid metal billets, the EXOvault Kingsland frames begin shipping in February 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $225 $450 (50% off).