Tria Wireless Sound System, Minimalism Be Damned!

TRIA is a wireless sound system that allows the user to listen to music from vinyl records and rip it to a built-in hard disk. YES! Composed of three elements – a wireless vinyl player and ripper, wireless stereo speakers and a wireless controller,  music can also be transferred from the player’s built-in hard disk onto a USB storage device or MP3 player.

TRIA not only plays vinyl records on a new system with innovative digital solutions, it also preserves the old turntable experience by enabling it to be controlled with a remote control or a touch-screen LCD display located on the top surface of the player. A system of four styli allows it to play the both sides of the vinyl without having to flip it. In addition, TRIA is equipped with an internal cleaning system, which offers the system long life and durability.

Designer: Ricardo Baiao at Mola Ativism