Praise God and Pass the Wall Tiles

Who loves non-traditional wall coverings? Raise you hand! Then raise your other hand an pray! Because here’s the Porcelain Enshrinement Tile! Start a collection and built up, or just use a few! No need for a shelf or hook, each tile creates a shrine for your tiny items (and coats and photos too.) Check em out, then click through to the whole Yanko wall covering collection.

Chris Kirby and Alexandra Campbell collaborate on this one:

A wall tile that lets you enshrine your personal artifacts. The modular tiles can be arranged as you see fit to create niches, shelves, hooks, and canopies to display your cherished items.

Follow your heart to a whole assortment of wild and helpful wall coverings: [Paperforms Flow], [Nomad], [Remote Context Communicator], [Torn Lighting], [Magnetic Curtains], [Picturetable], [The Cave Bookshelf], and [Wall Cleat].

Gotta wall ’em all!

Designers: Chris Kirby & Alexandra Campbell


  • zippyflounder says:

    Ok, how are they attached/detached from the wall?

  • Ok, how are they attached/detached from the wall?

  • Eric says:

    Interesting and I like the look, but seemingly limited in use… I for one believe the title “Wall Tile” means you cement it in place, but because you haven’t explicitly told us how they are attached I’m forced to assume. SO for arguments sake, lets say you can move these around. Then it’s still not very versital to me. I see a photograph just sitting on a partial curve? Might fill a need for some people, but my stuff wouldn’t fit or work on these tiles…

  • العاب says:

    Ok, how are they attached/detached from the wall?

  • yeah, this seems interesting and i also like the look

  • This is really awesome.
    Thanks for sharing,

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