The Innards of an Eye; Reformed to Light a Room

When an establishment you do own, a hook you must have. You need to be able to make people have an experience when they enter your place of business, one that they want to continue or repeat. With the FLUX, people experience an eyeful of space, formed by light. Matali Crasset (w/assist) brings a new level of astound to “sitting around the campfire.”

Matali Crasset drops light from tendrils of green:

Flux is a rest area set up for the Abitare il tempo in Verona. This is a structure in 3D whose design is inspired by the architecture of the vessels in an eye. A area for the circulation of energy and whose flows carry the light where the seating is arranged in the way that alcoves take up space. Project set up with the assistance of Felice Rossi.

Non-traditionally breaking up a room is super excellent, especially when it means using less material to do more. Recently Yanko’s reported on several similar projects in this respect (at least in the non-traditional room-breaking aspect) : [Solar Verticle Lamp], [Definition of Time], and [90° Furniture] – check em all out!

Designer: Matali Crasset