The Power of Seating, I’m Queen Elizabeth

In an effort to transform the norm into the eccentric, the concept of power was explored through seating. This includes the power of mind, body and identity represented through three symbolic figures: Queen Elizabeth II, “The Thinker” by Rodin, and Superman. To express each character, a standard chair was transformed to personify each power and to explain their unique meanings individually. The final exhibition is called Power of Seating.

The chair developed for Queen Elizabeth II evokes authority and command. In order to give the user the sense of supremacy, the chair has been raised with 2 additional steps. The steps are made from the same material and connected to the front legs of the chair, creating a cohesive object.

“The Thinker” chair emphasizes the power of mind by suggesting thought through a position of solitude. This sculptural chair imitates the shape of the figure by following the outline of its body position. The front legs kneel in unison with the arch of the back expressing the will to think. The chair becomes almost like an expression of the actual sculpture.

Superman’s chair demands the participation and strength of the user. The front legs have been removed and the chair cannot stand alone. In order for the user to sit, he/she needs to use the force of his/her own legs. The necessity of human strength for the chair to function makes the sitter key to his/her power.

Designers: Sung-Hyun Kyung, Jesse Weser & Gesthimani Papadopoulou