A Vase of Bass for your Face

So, we’ve seen our share of headphones. Headphones have been neat for decades, and personal usage of them, day-to-day street wear-wise, has seen a resurgence in recent years due in no small part to the personal MP3 player. It should come as no surprise then that after their first minimalistic, Apple phase, they flower into a new age of aesthetic excess. Presenting the Flower Vase MP3 player, with earbuds in several different beautiful flora for you to stick in your ears.

Wonho Son and Joongho Choi from Sky Designers Community connect again the plant world and the world of beats:

The design uses the image of a flower inside a vase as a motif. Rather than the earphones dangling out when the MP3 is not in use, you can place it in the vase tidily so that it can act as a different object when placed on the floor. The Flower Vase series is not robust in functions, but the mobility and fashionable aspect of it makes it a suitable low price MP3 player for teenagers and young adults.

How pretty!

Yanko is full of great ideas for [Headphones] and [Portable Audio]. Gotta check em all!

Designers: Wonho Son & Joongho Choi