Conquering Sawdust

Carpenters and handymen rejoice. The Static Tri-Prism STP solves a huge problem most prefer to just sweep away, literally. Out of sight, out of mind right? The STP operates on the concept of static electricity. The device attracts sawdust and the likes to its electric field taming messes and making clean up easy.

There’s no worry about accidentally electrocuting yourself or wreaking havoc on metal tools because it operates on the principal of static electricity, not magnetism. 

Designer: Jack J. Allwood


  • Brian says:

    Static electricity requires a fairly small distance for it to attract particulates properly. It would also require a consistent way of producing a charge that doesn’t appear to be addressed. Interesting form, just work on the research – maybe a college Physics professor could help.

  • Lamah says:

    If it has a large static charge on the surface, wouldn’t accidentally brushing it with your hand give you a painful and annoying static shock?

    • Jack says:

      ç The idea is to contain the static electricity by covering it in a layer of plastic, to stop discharge, but still have the ability to attract dust. It dose need to be worked on by a good engineer to become functional tho.

  • Carl says:

    solution to a problem that does not really exist or can be solved very very easily. ie opening a window or turning on fan.

    • Jim says:

      I am a carpenter.

      This is a problem for me because…. well, the dust still settles everywhere!! Even with a window open or turning on a fan, the dust is moved instead of collected…

  • DWR says:

    Will this handle the dust from my tablesaw? What about the belt sander?

    • Jack says:

      It should once it has been tested properly. The idea is that the higher the static charge build up the more dust that can be collected. Every now and again you would have to empty it tho.

  • Philip Vorlicek says:

    Hey Jack thats awesome design, but question I know its meant to attract the sawdust, but where does the saw dust actually go? how u been anyways?

    • Jack says:

      hay phil. it actually sticks to the outside of the design, the whole plastic layer on the outside. The static charge holds the saw dust on. and you can release the charge by pressing the top button, allowing the dust to fall off.

      I’m pritty damn good big foot!!!

  • Tooey says:

    jack that thing looks damn cool, would take a bit of work to get up and running but the idea is brilliant and design looks mean as bro!

  • ben says:

    interesting idea but I think a well set up dust collection system does a better job because it is capable of sucking more sawdust directly from your tools than this design seams to be able to do. A table saw, band saw, router, table sander or even a skill saw put out more dust than a small pyramidal structure is able to attract with static electricity. It could, however, be useful in the pictured context of hand sanding on a bench but the amount of sawdust produced would be easily picked up with a shop vacuum after the job is finished.

    Sorry I just don’t see this as a viable solution.


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