The Next Big Thing: Masochistic German Furniture

Designed deliberately to be uninviting, the Unidentified Object Chair by Prime supposedly redefines what our perspective on furniture should be. While the bottom half is comprised of laminated wood, the top half of the painful pyramid is filled with foam for a ‘comfortable sit’. I’m not saying this is a complete waste of fabric and timber, but I’m not a fan of anything that tries this hard to make us think about design.

Designer: Prime


  • Pyroxx says:

    I think that the concept that this chair is trying to introduce is quite original if you consider it from the perspective of *opposite to common sense* usage of the object. Appearances can be deceiving. I only hope that they start selling this chairs soon!

  • vicont says:

    Way bad. Hope nobody will force me to sit on it 🙂

  • hamp says:

    interesting concept…but unfortunately it worked, I don’t really want to sit in it, much less own it.

  • zippyflounder says:

    lets see a real one, with a real person sitting in it not a bad rendering.

  • Devin Sidell says:

    Way cool. I realy like how you took the idea of what we traditionally think of as “furniture” and turned into something thats actually interesting. There is no reason why furniture today should look like it has for the past 300 years. More designers should think like this(what, in reality, is non traditional). I wanna see more dangerous looking shapes!

  • bep says:

    on note, rather boring.

  • jahan says:

    is it for man or woman ?


  • jahan says:

    Can my cat also itch off ?

  • jahan says:

    and my dog can use it as W.C. with absorbent foam ?

  • jahan says:

    also in the real Space saving can be used for plasma Monitores in the bottom.

  • jahan says:

    besides the pin it the note, But don’t disclose pin numbers.

  • Crea-T-V-T says:

    It’s a very interesting concept, bur I don’t know if I’d sit on it. It looks like it would hurt.

  • foodcert says:

    is that comfortable?

  • ellocorios says:

    i dont think that anybody whants to sit in this chair looks to uncomfortable

  • Sylus says:

    Great,very originale bravo,Duchamp made this some 100 years ago.

  • Chung Dha says:

    Only see renders so I doubt it works though. I only believe it when I see a real person sitting on one.

  • Matze says:

    well… against all doubts. It works and there have been prototypes on this years “designmai” in Berlin. nice conversation piece…

  • p says:

    i’d get one just to play a joke on someone. I’d sit on the real one, then invite my friend to sit on the fake non-foam copy i made. boosh!

  • Eric says:

    Love it. Make it happen.

  • Dave says:

    This is brilliant! I also understand that this is the same designer who created the rusty bed-of-nails mattress and toothbrush made of razor blades.

    People say he’s great because “he is different and original.” Uninformed skeptics dislike him only because they didn’t think of making such ugly, painful, and hideous monstrosities first.

  • Ekove says:

    I see many people supporting this design because it’s “different” and “uninviting”. I’m honestly tired of all the people who think something different necessarily means better.

    The design is terrible and uninviting visually, and I don’t think it’s comfortable physically either. And what is it going to be made of? it’s going to get compressed in a weird shape in the real word, and probably it’ll be unusable unless you don’t mind your butt having a battle with it.

  • nmbr22 says:

    One of these 3 pyramids is solid…
    Sit at your own risk.

  • Haytham says:

    Is It Safe 🙂

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