When I Grow, You Grow

There can be strong emotional connections between plant growers and the plant during the growth cycle. From the moment the seed is planted, to the time when the plant dies, it is monitored by the grower. This monitoring is often subconsciously scheduled into the user’s daily routine.

By re-fusing the alarm into the plant’s living environment, this product creates an experience which links the daily growth and advancement of the user’s life, with continuous growth of the plant. Light sources are activated as the user’s alarm activates, and turns off manually when the user goes to bed. When the user is awake going about his/her day, “growing”, so is the plant.

The product also helps to promote the indoor growth of plants regardless of the availability of natural sunlight. Studies show exposure to LEDs encourage photosynthesis. LEDs provide a sensible solution to energy efficient artificial lighting.

An alarm clock thats makes a green thumb out of all of us. Win-win in my book.

Designer: Jason Kline