Attn Sneaker Seekers, Collectors, and Displayers

So, your footwear choice depends on the kind of clouds that are coming in this afternoon, hm? You’ve put down cardboard over puddles to keep the bottoms of your shoes clean, yes? You’ve stood in line with a perfectly good pair of shoes to buy a pair of shoes you’ll never wear in public, true? Check it out. For your own shoe museum: the Shrine Rack.

Fernando A. Robert brings the Sneakerhead a hunk of metal:

Shrine rack is a one of a kind – made with the ‘sneakerhead’ in mind – rack to flaunt your most valuable pair of kicks! Each brushed, stainless steel rack holds one pair of shoes. The intention of the design is to highlight the very best features of your perfectly preserved shoes.

The lower shelf supports the right shoe, facing its side outward. The above arm is meant for the upside down placement of the left shoe, facing the sole outward. With a pair of shoes mounted on Shrine Rack, they appear as if floating just inches from your wall. Shrine Rack includes the mounting hardware for proudly displaying your footwear collection.

A hunk of metal worth waiting in line for? Nay. This metal isn’t limited edition.


Designer: Fernando A. Robert [ Buy It Here ]


  • someone says:

    very good idea for a crazy sneaker lover like me!!

  • Carl says:

    very good idea if you own a shop and sell ‘Sneakers’ but for the home user??? no

  • Shane Roepe says:

    I think the top shoe should be at a different angle… looks kinda awkward….

    I could see how some people would buy this… not me..
    but depending on the price range there could be a market here

  • Shane Roepe says:

    should have picked some newer shoes for the model too…. and some newer wallpaper…. is this the early 90s?

  • Jamie says:

    Newer shoes?? That’s all i see when i walk into Footlocker… Those are new.

  • 최락용 says:

    jordan 5!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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