Tapping Your Way Up The Charts

If there truly is design for the masses, this music creation tool definitely qualifies. Using friction-sensitive sensors on the glove’s fingertips, users tap out a rhythm and beat while the recorder on the back of the hand sends it wirelessly to your ears and saves it all for later editing. There’s nothing quite like using preexisting habits of behavior to define user interface issues; a really smart idea from Designer Petr Hampl.

Designer: Petr Hampl


  • Shane Roepe says:

    I dont really see a purpose for this yet or why people would buy it. Very cool idea… but it needs to be pushed a little further for production.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    If I were a DJ, I’d buy one and use it on stage! Awesome idea! It would be nice if we could set different sounds for each finger!

  • MotD says:

    i would buy it 🙂
    very great, im a drummer and i really need it 😀

  • Kenneth Udut says:

    I’d buy that in a heartbeat! I’ve always wanted something that could “capture” finger tapping. I was picturing miniture drum pads, the size of fingertips that you could carry in your pocket.

    I play the piano, compose music – but I cannot play the drums. But I can tap my fingers to the rhythm that I’d want drums to play — yet I have no way of easily capturing that.

    Something like this would do the trick!

    Kenneth Udut
    Naples, FL

  • wendy says:

    hi i’d like to know where can i buy one of your gadgets, im from mexico so, id like to know also how much would it be if you send it to my country my zip code its 43645

  • deb says:

    it would be more cooler if it was an mp3 player on the glove with the control functions on its tips and an A-to-mini Usb port to transfer music files and the back tuner could be the volume control
    but hey dats my view
    it is very cool for musician though

  • Anonymous. says:


  • twisup says:

    If I found out this product was available to buy I would go to the shops and purchase it right now no matter what time of the day, where I was, what I was doing or how much it cost. This is the best idea I have ever seen for musical minds. It’s a bit like opening up the %10 of brain we do not use and being able to transfer the other %90 into music. Many of my friends have this tapping habit and we challenge each other for the best ‘taps’. I can competently make desirable rhythms by programming but this is probably only 20% of the skill I could acheive by tapping my fingers. The knuckles, palm base and inner thumb would have absolutely completed the invention for me along with pad sound assignment like someone mentioned already. If the pads are as sensitive and responsive as we are led to believe then I have to congratulate the guy because only a true rhythmical genious could have come up with this. If this idea does not materialize then I will personally dedicate my life to realizing it in another way.


    this is awesome and I need one right now, please send me info about how to do that.

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