So Very Many Shreds on the Shred Head -it’s a Super Shredder!

Sometimes, the shredder is not enough. Sometimes the shredder is not big enough, not mean enough, and not shreddery enough. Shreddery isn’t a real word, you might say. Well I say the Paper2Dust doesn’t know the meaning of words. With the ability to shred your papers as much or little as you want, allowing you to see the carnage firsthand without any mess, the Dust and you will destroy all important documents like they were ninja turtle babies.

Bluelarix Designworks present the super-shredder:

The Paper2Dust is a new way of shredding paper in a special design, fitting in perfectly in the modern office environment. It’s a new way of shredding paper. The paper is fed on top side and grinded to dust by a fast turning cord. As this process finds place under the transparent housing, the user has visual control over the process of shredding.

By holding the activation button on the top, the user can decide for himself how long he wants to continue shredding, seeing during the process that the pieces of paper are getting smaller. Because the top of the product is placed under an angle, the pieces of paper and dust slowly glide to the front side, where they fall into the reservoir, which is in the leg of the Paper2Dust.

The activation button is connected with the fast turning cord in such way that if the button is released the connection between cord and motor is interrupted and the cord stops within a tenth of a second.

A shredder on some heavy ooze power, that’s what Bluelarix brings us here. I’d shred all day, making layers of different shred colors. It would be so pretty.

Designer: Bluelarix Designworks