Proper Tea Anyone?

TeaFix, the quintessential British-ness kit offers all the comfort one needs on a long journey. Like one of those plastic tear sheets found in model making, each set comes with a China cup/sauce, utensils, tea bag, and 3 lumps of sugar. But WAIT! It’s not a proper cuppa tea without a doily!

Designed for travelers, TeaFix gives patrons the feeling of British affluence, allowing the ritual of drinking from a teacup and saucer. Drawing emotion back to the ‘golden era’ of travel, where train journeys symbolized elegance and opulence.

Designer: Iain Jones


  • Carl says:


  • Kidder says:

    Hot beverages and plastic cups are never a good combo. Especially if said cup is split in half right down the middle.

  • says says:

    all I see is art 😀

  • Jzzz…Just another copy of the original design from Jason Amendolara, from Worldwide Fred.
    First, a British girl who used to work with Tom Dixon copied it, than another British guy copied the concept again, and called it “etiquette set”…Now someone else go and copy it again…

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