8 Cups? No Problem

I’m always amazed at the dexterity some servers are gifted with; 2 plates of food and 8 cups of drinks all delivered without a hitch. I can barely get out the door with 3 cups of coffee so I usually force a co-worker to come with me. Pick-Cups have uniquely designed handles that make them easy to hold 4 in each hand. Just slip a finger into each slot and like a boiling ball pinch to keep them all snug for transport.

Designer: Jung-Woo Baik


  • Todd says:

    Please stop featuring food related products made from plastic. Plastic and food should not touch. Meaning, for example, a glass bowl with a plastic lid is fine. Glass, ceramic, most metals, and wood.

    • Cerberus says:

      again someone with no idea how industry attacks these problems – in food preperation facilities all food handling impletments are of ABS or equivelent plastic. It provides an easily sterilized surface that is not prone to scrathing – providing it is of the correct grade of course. Wood is one of the worst surfaces for food – every little scratch collects old decaying food and germs. Why do you think they are illegal to use in resturaunts and butchers etc ?

      • Todd says:

        Have you not been reading the news about all the health issues with plastics? Also wood cutting boards have been shown to be safer then plastic in some studies. Certainly there are different qualities of plastic but I am not comfortable using them un-necessarily and in the context of home kitchen products such as above there’s no need for them to be made from plastic. I find it to be a cheap, lazy design from a material standpoint. Much like designers who use velcro when there’s usually a much more elegant solution.

  • Designer says:

    Do you think your finger can get into that small triangle?

  • TH says:

    So, you have the ear of the cup that you can only use by sticking your finger in it from the top? Looks like you can’t hold the cup “normally” from that. So this is ONLY useful when you have those 8 cups to carry.

    Back to the drawing board, I’d say. And if I were zippy, I’d say get off the drawing board and make a real cup and play with it until you get it right.

    • Keith says:

      hmm…I’m surprised zippy didn’t weigh in on this one. A prototype is worth a thousand words, or at least saves a million dollars.

    • taylor says:

      how do you hold the cup normal? you put your hand around the cup and close your hand. that’s how. you don’t have to hold a cup by a handle.

  • fb says:

    make that in a pyrex-n-metal material then i would consider it.

    make it classy!

  • p says:

    great solution to a problem, I know when I pick up multiple glasses in one hand I grasp them the same way, only without the aid of that extra finger hold.

    I think the concept should be taken further to explore it’s implementation in coffee mugs (perhaps extending a column under the triangle tab to form a handle for the drinker) and in finer glassware used in restaurants. The plastic is cool, but for environments where I see this being REALLY useful, I just don’t think there’s going to be a lot of plastic drinkware, its going to be glass or ceramic.

  • Ricky Catto says:

    Since plastic containers are so much lighter than glass containers the transportation of good in glass is ecologically unsound. Plastic also doesn’t break in he basin and cut your hands open.

  • Carl says:

    i can carry over 10 cups of tea coffee in different sizes and different styles of mug and cups. i put them on a tray.. its a simple design that works well, and means you dont have to drink your beverage out of a plant pot…!

  • Iperpaolo says:

    at first sight I thought that these were vases for plants, and that the small triangle was created to avoid to make to fall water out of the vase, it was not a bad idea

  • Armin says:

    Really bad design, sorry.

    * As already _Designer_ said, the holes are to small. * Also, the arch is the wrong way round, it should point inward where the handles are (otherwise it will just hurt).
    * It is uncomfortable to hold 4 finger that tight together and even more so when the cups are filled. Since you can’t bend your fingertips, it’ll be one adventurous trip.

    But hey, they’re stack-able 😉

  • monkey face says:

    holding 4 filled cups at the finger tips with only friction?! you must be a malaysian acrobat!

  • someone says:

    the designer of the cup needs to visit Hong Kong and see how the people carrying 10 cups a time in traditional Hong Kong restaurant.

  • yoya says:

    ok, it’s a good concept
    Don’t u like more colorful?
    I agree your motive of design

    but for me, maybe more color can let other people
    pick the right cup, not pick mine.

    just suggestion.

  • bla says:

    It looks kinda cheap. Work on the design more. I see this possibly being used in the office. But the way the person's carrying it also seems precarious. You could just make a sturdier and long lasting version of the starbucks takeouts holder. Yknow the ones they give you when you buy more than 2 cups of coffee?

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