MagicDock literally gives your iPad Pro a desktop computing experience

Adjustable stand, landscape/portrait switching, USB hub, the Magic Dock for the iPad Pro packs it all. Designed by Steve Warren, who noticed exactly how powerful the iPad Pro was, but how limiting the stands for it on the market were, the MagicDock for the iPad Pro turns your tablet into a touchscreen desktop, like a Wacom Cintiq or a miniature Microsoft Surface Studio. The dock comes with a neat magnetic baseplate that the iPad Pro simply snaps to, and adjustable arms that let you place the iPad at practically any angle. In fact, a swivel-hinge on the baseplate even lets you switch between landscape and portrait modes.

You could use the iPad Pro with its most popular accessory, the Apple Pencil, or you could plug a keyboard and mouse into the iPad Pro using the MagicDock’s USB hub at the back. The dock’s rear-facing hub even comes with an HDMI port, in case your work setup requires an external display, and the good-old headphone jack, for work as well as entertainment purposes… and when you’re done, the iPad Pro snaps right off, thanks to the MagicDock’s reliable magnetic fixture system!

Designer: Steve Warren