Bends to Cushion Your Bum

The chair uses an molded aluminium frame to hold a stretchable fabric across the sitting surface, defined by injection molded plastic rims to sculpt the form. The fabric gives to the weight and shape of the person sitting to allow maximum comfort, hence doing away with upholstery to achieve a higher level of cushioning. The semi-transparent nature gives it visual interest. Of course that stiletto support in the rear is questionable. Still, it’s an interesting take on modern furniture design.

Designer: Abhijeet Kumar


  • zippyflounder says:

    ok its pretty but that area where it bends from seat to front leg (where your knee would be) will sag like a old mans ass if there is not some sort of support OR the lower area is ridgid. The seat area will also sag for the same reason, so its not a very “real” design.

  • Carl says:

    Agree with Zippy. a huge person would not dare sit in this chair. here’s a thought if your design is so good, MAKE IT. if Marc Newson just made a CGI model of the lockhead lounge it would not have gone anywhere.
    making it prooves it works and tells you so much more about the strengths of the design. This concept, unless anyone falls inlove with it, will not go any further. making it showing it off prooving it works is the only way you can take this further.
    take heed of zippyflounder and keep it REAL…

  • ARCKTIP says:

    What is that ridge running up the middle? It looks sensible, and necessary, for support of the structure…but man, that would feel quite awful riding up the crack of my ass. If I wanted to be violated by a chair I would fix a particular rubber object to it.

    • abhijeet says:

      hi arcktip, the ridge running in the middle actually moves qualter-way through the seat, and then dips down under the seat to meet the plastic-frame. so it wont actually be felt by your ass-crack. (if you look close enough in the renders) and that is what’ll hold up the fabric firm not allowing it to sag but support.(assumed)
      and well all feedback recieved, i believe there’re these steps of realising an idea. a virtual prototype is perhaps the first( in this case where physical protyping would be rather expensive), and then you get on with making it, and you iterate with the idea, making it more real with every model.
      and also agreed that ‘this’ is not a chair i’m giving to people to sit on right-away, the good thing with such platforms like design blog is to help check how people react to a certain idea. this certainly doesn’t end the design process, its actually the middle of it, the ‘design-activity’ continues till the date you’ve actually made it, and beyond…
      the idea is also not to fall in love with a concept at the very first sketch, but willingness to modify with every ‘realisation’. and well this is a sketch of an idea. imagine when they invented the telephone they would have put down the idea simply thinking you’ll have to lay wires throughout the world to be able to use it, but…
      simlarly this ‘fantasy’ needs a gestation period to be born healthy.

  • yup says:

    is that pole support the best he could come up with? i’d tip that thing or snap that post in less than 2 seconds and i only weigh 150.

    Agreed: build it to really see what’s wrong with it.

  • Jenn says:

    How much is this IBangle??

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