I Got a Knuckle Duster For Ya

For serious tho, isn’t this the sweetest mug you’ve ever seen?!?! It’s aptly called MUG! by the lads at Thabto. I saw a picture of it somewhere and tracked down the company for a review. They graciously sent me one and I’ve been drinking knuckle duster teas and staring daggers at everyone in my office. Thankfully people find it amusing and it’s become quite the conversation piece.

There’s an interesting backstory of how this mug came to be. James and Steven came up with the idea during a beer fueled brainstorming session a few weeks after graduating from Central Saint Martins. The inspiration came from the cockney term “mug” which means fool. They envisaged greased up mechanics sipping coffee from brass knuckle handled mugs – just to keep up tough appearances.

Surprisingly the brass knuckle handles are ergonomically comfortable. You can’t scald your hands and the cup’s weight is evenly distributed. It’s a total attention grabber too. My MUG! stands out among the sea of generic mugs in the kitchen. Even that cute Winnie the Poo mug gets overshadowed. It’s a little oversized which is how I prefer mugs anyway because I tend to use them for both tea and soups. It’s made of porcelain so the microwave happy can look tough while heating their joe. I personally think these would make AWESOME gifts and Christmas is really just around the corner. Think about it. I may need to purchase a few too.

What we liked:

  • Porcelain and microwavable.
  • Brass knuckle handle is stylish and ergonomic.
  • Love the price! Only £11.99 ($19 U.S.)

What could be added:

  • Maybe some color options.
  • A recessed slot at the bottom to hold cookies and biscuits.

Designers: James Wosiek & Steven Smith [ Buy it here ]