Mini Composter, Air Freshener Not Included

I had to make a compost heap for school once and tho the actual experience wasn’t “fun”, the end results proved fruitful to our garden. The Jarst concept does the same thing without all the back breaking work in miniaturized form – tho it could probably be scaled up. There’s a seal drum and cap inside the pot. Thats where you put all your organic waste. In about 5-6 months time, a diaphragm opens to release your rich home made compost soil. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t composting require heat and pressure?

Designer: Leonardo Fortino & Andrea Bartolucci


  • Ecocandle says:

    This is in incredibly stylish and innovative design. Well done!

  • Victor says:

    Heat and pressure do accelerate the process, but are not essencial, I think. Good design, I liked it.

  • Schanul says:

    Pressure: not needed – making compost needs air (oxigen) for the bacteria to do their decomposing job.

    Heat: yes, but the decomposing process will normally generate enough heat when at full speed.

    What is needed is just organic waste, oxigen, and time.

  • absolutwillie says:

    the composting process itself is exothermic – it creates it’s own heat ;0)

  • Carl says:

    its bollocks would not work. has it even been tested? apart from the smell of decomposing organic matter it will attract fly’s and would the chemical reaction generating heat be any good for the roots in such close proximity.?
    its done outdoors for a reason, takes months to break down, helped by worms and ants, then has to be mixed back in with the original topsoil before planting for next season. Perhaps i could recommend i library to go have a look at gardening techniques? or in the future you actually make and test such a theory before shaming yourself on such a website..

  • emanuele says:

    …sei forte ciccio!!!

  • tatu says:

    I´m from Argentina, studyng industrial design and I have to design a compost for University.

    I would like to meke you some questions about compost and perhaps you can help me!

    I will be wainting for your answer…
    Thank you!

  • Plug says:

    The heat of the breakdown of the organic material creates heat in compost piles. I guess the same goes for pressure?

  • Robby says:

    “Such a website?” Brah, Yanko Design’s slogan is “Form Beyond Function.” This is the perfect website for pretty designs that may or may not function in a practical manner.

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