A Halo of Light to Save You

As the flames get hotter you stumble in panic looking for your way out of the maze of hallways that seem so familiar yet alien at the moment. Smoke stings your eyes as you desperately search for any signs of escape. Follow the Halo, it will guide you.

This may seem like some scene in a movie but in reality this could happen to any of us. In times of crisis, we lose our ability to think coherently and often the simplest task seems daunting.

Halo was designed to aid people in times of crisis such as blackouts and fires directing them to the fastest possible exit route. By using LED lights, halos are cast upon the floor indicating the direction in which the exit is located. This is especially useful in smoke laden fires since people are advised to stick close to the floor. The light also pulsates in the direction of the exit providing a secondary indication upon which direction to head.

Designer: Foo Wei Zen & Chua Wenfong


  • foodcert says:

    very interesting,good

  • Phil_ says:

    Does LED light have a different effect through smoke compared to normal light?

  • ah says:


    btw what i miss in this site is Tags, i think they would really improve user navigation within all the site’s content. Just an idea : D

  • zippyflounder says:

    in any degree of smoke over the level of a night club the light will be diffused and so NOT show a little ring on the floor, just a glow. A quick experiment would have shown this fact to the designer saving us all time.

  • Canastrophy says:

    I might have an idea that is simpler, and is only activated once fire heats up the building:

    Thermoactive Paint.

    Paint that appears when the atmosphere is at a temperature that is a few steps above average.

    You simply paint safety stripes with arrows in them to the next exit. Might be cheaper too.

    • ZGiSH says:

      Cheaper & Makes more sense.

      • Canastrophy says:


        On another note, there is no guarantee that when there’s a fire that the electricity will still work to power the devices. The Cables could have already burnt to ashes, leaving everyone to their panic.

        • Nad says:

          but smoke alarms, sprinklers, emergency lights have always worked in the case of fire. on a different electrical system of course. I actually like the idea, spacifying it for my senior project in school,and in a place where you would normaly have smoke more than that at a night club the codes would be different anyway and in such a case not only light won’t be visible, but also that thermoactive paint

  • Rama Mohan says:

    Intesting! Will be back.

  • zuy says:

    very interessing

  • Pavilik says:

    Текущий день уже прошел. Где конкретика?;-)

  • tom says:

    are these Available for production

  • rezzan k,raz says:

    cool gadget.. save your life ! nice idea 🙂

  • Choi gem says:

    The application of LED lighting is wonderful, special light, energy efficient and sustainable than 10,000 hours.

    Power saving, green products for life.

  • Lonawtha says:

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    Particularly, I thank all blog articles

    I wish you success

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