That’s a lot of Black Rubber

A building clad in black rubber may sound ominous but in this instance, it’s a testament to modern design. The Soundhouse by Jefferson Sheard Architects and Carey Jones Architects was designed as the University of Sheffield’s state of the art music practice and studio facility. The striking quilted rubber envelope is a first and a technique never seen before in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

Covering 450sq m and 3 storeys in height, the building’s unique black cube structure is set to become a landmark on the university campus, the bold and simple design reflecting the existing inventiveness of the Portobello area.

Tom Rhys Jones, Managing Director of Jefferson Sheard Architects, says;

“From the outset this project was always going to be technically challenging as it was highly innovative in terms of both the cladding and internal fit out. The building required intricate detailing at every stage; internally to meet the demanding acoustic requirements following through externally to the unique envelope of the Soundhouse.”

Designer: Jefferson Sheard Architects