MUJI transforms a 100-year-old Japanese home into its first MUJI Base Airbnb guest house

Iconic Japanese brand MUJI is infamous for its minimal and subtle products in household, stationery, apparel, and also little knick-knacks! I have a soft spot for MUJI myself, and I love treating myself to their products once in a while. And, now MUJI has finally dipped its toes in the world of architecture and interior design! The brand recently unveiled a pretty and peaceful home in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo. Called, the MUJI Base Kamogawa, the century-old house was given a radical makeover, transforming it into a serene dwelling with MUJI’s signature minimalist touch. It is open for bookings on Airbnb.

Designer: MUJI

The 100-year-old home beautifully merges traditional Japanese architecture with MUJI’s signature minimalism creating a contemporary home that supports a free-flowing lifestyle. The home has adopted a bit of Western influence while maintaining the true essence of Japanese ‘Satoyama’ living, which signifies being one with nature. The interior of the home is designed with simplicity in mind, providing guests with a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The interior is lined with neutral tones and features MUJI comforts. This project was also created to preserve and promote the local culture of Kamogawa, and the home provides an opportunity to collaborate and partner up with local businesses. It allows guests to immerse and involve themselves with the local community’s lifestyle and spirit.

“Nowadays, lifestyles and workstyles have changed drastically. Though can choose to live and work anywhere you want, having a place where you want to go back again and again always gives you peace of mind. If you had those places everywhere in Japan, you would fill your heart with happiness. MUJI BASE can be the one for you,” said MUJI. And truly, the home attempts to serve as a tranquil and calming retreat for MUJI lovers who truly want to immerse themselves in the essence of the brand.

The MUJI Base Kamogawa can accommodate up to five people and is completely adorned with MUJI products. The home is available to book for $152 a night, and guests can select between pre-packaged MUJI meals or decently-priced home delivery of produce from the local farmers!