Balls of Fury

Do your balls get out of control sometimes? Nothing is more annoying than constantly having to bend over and organize your balls. Well take comfort because your balls are about to get the shaft. It’s called the TUBALL by Inez Kochanowicz and it has the single purpose of controlling your balls in this long mesh-like tubular sack. Designed for easy access during practice exercises, the TUBALL is great for letting you focus more on the game and less on your balls. Did I mention balls?

Designer: Inez Kochanowicz


  • anon says:

    umm… this idea has been used successfully for decades in most, if not all clubs and tennis arenas.
    this is simply an expensive ‘designer’ ripoff of a proven, easily constructed tool, made with only pvc tubing and a few bolts

    • Inez Kochanowicz says:

      …of course there may be many hand-made solutions for this tool. have some which I made during the design process. however never seen anything like that in use, ok just never had this luck :). this is my offer for easy to buy, available product (for less creative and more busy players, aspecially beginners for who it was designed). and I don’t think that if produced in China it would be too expensive. anyway thank’s for the comment 🙂

    • i used this tuball
      and is working

      need some small changes
      but is working

      ernesto aldana

      [email protected]

  • powers says:

    Anthony James for Design Commenter of the year.

    • monkey face says:

      lmao, the only merit the design has is for such commentary…. i hate bending over all the time just to get to my balls

  • idap says:

    What a childish commentary.

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