Electrolux Special Edition Ultrasilencer Vacuum

Launch of Ultrasilencer by Pia Wallen for Electrolux. A remarkable special edition of the Ultrasilencer, one of the world’s quietest vacuum cleaners. The result is startling in its simplicity. Best known for her felt slippers, Pia Wallen used traditional Swedish materials and techniques in new ways. Functionality, simplicity and the contemporary interpretation of traditional Scandinavian crafts are themes that run through her work. With Ultrasilencer, she found inspiration in the extraordinary quietness of the cleaner. It reminded her of the most beautiful sound she knows – the sound of falling snow. The result? An Ultrasilencer that is as easy on the eyes as it is as it is on the ears. Totally white, the design is boldly unconventional and as fresh as a layer of Scandinavian snow. But in Pia’s work, there is always a touch of humor. Flashes of bright orange on some of the machine’s functions echo the color of guide poles that are used to mark pathways through the wintry Swedish landscape. Like all great ideas, this special edition Ultrasilencer is deceptively simple, but it blurs the line between art and appliance.

Designer: Pia Wallen [ Product Page ] [ Via: Apartment Therapy ]