Double Drinking


Don’t you feel like reaching into the screen and grabbing the Twin carafe for yourself?? There’s something that just makes you want to own it, no questions asked!

Crafted out of glass, with just the most perfect frosted finish, the Twin carafe holds two drinks at once. It also makes you thirsty because just looking at the carafe’s curves will get you drooling!

Designer: Sen Lin






  • Mamie Kelley says:

    Very good idea. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Alexander Kwapis says:

    It’s a beautiful design but I have a couple questions and thoughts.

    Although I love the design of the bottle I have to admit the logo kinda looks like a men’s undergarment.

    Could you achieve such tight corners and consistency with a blow molded glass? I am just unaware of economically sold glass that could have corners are so tight, but am interested in learning. Maybe you could hand blow them into a mold by dual blowing glass and putting into a wooden mold and blow to get the initial form. And then a slide on the mold that when the artisans blow again now without the wooden piece between the two glass pieces they would fuse together. Not really sure. I would be concerned with that thickness of glass retaining more heat than the rest of the glass and annealing at a different rate and breaking.

    How are the two glass bottles attached? It looks like the base is one piece. And the bottle parts are two separate pieces. Is that correct? Depending on the glue you use you could see the glue. Or you might be able to use UV glue but it might yellow over time. Also, I would be concerned for the bottle to have different temperatures. If you have one side full and the other side has cold liquid in it the glass might contract at different rates and separate.

    The logo decorated on the edge of both sides of each carafe bottle. I am unfamiliar how this could be achieved in a mass production method. Maybe pad printing? I am interested to know what you envisioned.

    I like the closure design but it seems difficult to get out of the bottle. Looks like you would need to open it and then use the open part to leverage against the rest of the closure to pull it out of the opening. Also the glass opening at that type of angle is probably not normal for mass production. To be on an angle like that might need special fixtures or tools for production.

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