I’m Sure Doug Bradley Would Enjoy Such Decore

Perfect for cocktail party atmosphere or your late-night horror-movie versions of Mario cosplay, the possibilities are endless for Cube Lamp, aka Lámpara Cubo. The designer of this box of wonders is Ricardo Garza Marcos, a man of good taste and real minimalistic design sense.

Ricardo Garza Marcos, designer of the Cube Lamp, explains: “Lámpara Cubo gives an amazing intricate geometric pattern of Light creating the sensation of depth. The light patterns can be changed depending on the array the user chooses to just by de-centralizing the light bulb inside. Available in all kinds of wood finishes and color as well as aluminum composite or alucobond.”

I’d like 9 please, all white, placed in threes along each of the three walls of my living room. They will match my radical Billy May [Torn Lighting] setup. Or perhaps some terrifying puzzle-box configuration in etched gold on solid black would be more appropriate?

Designer: Ricardo Garza Marcos