Still Haven’t Found the Big Dipper

There are a great many lights and chandeliers out there that emulate an explosion of light through glass and lines of refraction.  The Constellation Chandelier from Studio 1 Thousand however, accomplishes this feat through the simple use of LED’s and bent copper stems that array downward from a wrapped base.  Upon closer inspection, the clamps securing the LED clusters might even bring to mind Ingo Mauer’s Zettelz lamps, although this is anything but derivative.

From a tech standpoint, the chandelier uses 91 separate arms, each having 4 energy efficient LED’s attached, something which makes the prospect of owning a chandelier in the first place, more palatable.  <UPDATE> The studio is apparently trying to bring this piece into production, so please email the studio if you’ve an interest in purchasing.

Designer: Studio 1 Thousand